“The robot that could change the senior care industry”

Time Magazine

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Stevie the robot, welcome to my website!

I am the world's most advanced social robot developed in Dublin, Ireland by Akara Robotics - a spin in from one of Europe's top robotics labs. I have been designed to live and work in retirement communities, augmenting rather than replacing the role of carers, freeing them up to focus more on person-centric tasks and so improving care outcomes for residents

I've been around the world, being put through my paces in beta pilots all the way from Ireland and the UK, to Italy and the US, constantly learning and improving with help from the team who built me.

You may have seen me on the cover of Time Magazine.

And also...

Why was I created?

Need for 1.2M additional care staff by 2025
High turnover of care staff due to poor job conditions
Lack of resources to address quality of life, leading to loneliness
Management is often not on-site to respond to incidents

How can I help?

Helping residents stay socially connected with family & friends.
Keeping residents cognitively stimulated with quizzes and games.
Enabling staff to respond faster and make better decisions.

My Team

Dr. Conor McGinn


Dr. Michael Cullinan

Actuation & Control

Cian Donovan

Embedded Systems

Eamonn Bourke

Design & Manufacturing

Niamh Donnelly

AI & Machine Learning

Andrew Murtagh

Software Development

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